1. What is threading?

Threading uses knotted thread to swiftly grab and pull hair by the root from the eyebrows, upper lip, chin and sideburns. Unlike waxing, threading can isolate and extract individual hairs.

2. What does threading feel like?

You may feel a pinching or light scraping sensation. Most customers agree that it’s no more uncomfortable than tweezing or waxing.

3. How long does threading take?

The upper lip takes just a few minutes, and a simple eyebrow threading takes 5-10 minutes. A full-face threading session lasts for 20-30 minutes.

4. What areas of the body can be threaded?

All areas of the face—eyebrows, lip, chin, sideburns—can be threaded. In addition threading can be used to remove hair from the back of the hands, fingers, top of the feet and toes.

5. What are the benefits of threading vs. waxing?

Threading is more precise because individual hairs, even fine hair, can be targeted and removed. Threading can be done as soon as hair grows just above the skin, whereas waxing requires the hair be at least 1/4” long. Unlike waxing, threading doesn’t pull at the skin during the hair removal process which can cause irritation.

6. How long does threading last?

Depending on your hair type and area of the face that was threaded, full regrowth can be anywhere from two to eight weeks.

7. If I get my full face threaded, will the hair grow back thicker?

No. After repeated threading, the hair actually tends to weaken and grow back finer.

8. Why does the aesthetician put part of the thread in her mouth?

The thread must be pulled taut in order to accurately and precisely remove each hair, however, the thread that touches the aesthetician’s mouth never touches your face. Each piece of thread comes from a clean spool and aestheticians use several fresh pieces during the session.

9. Is it okay to get threaded if you have sensitive skin?

Yes. Depending on your sensitivity level, you may experience redness or minor bumps at the site that should subside in 10-15 minutes. In rare cases, the area may remain red for an hour or two. We recommend declining the lotion or aloe gel aestheticians usually apply after a session and refrain from using other facial products until the area feels less sensitive.

10. Can I specify how I want my brows to look?

Yes! Before you begin, let your aesthetician know how you want your brows shaped and how thick or thin you’d like them. Before leaving the chair, check your brows to be sure you’re happy with the results. Your aesthetician will be happy to make any adjustments you’d like.

11. My brows don’t have a natural arch, is it possible to get them shaped that way?

Absolutely, but we’ll need to create a thinner brow to achieve the arch. If you want thicker eyebrows shaped to your natural contours, we don’t recommend the arched look.

12. I over tweezed. How long should I wait before my next threading appointment?

Although hair can be threaded as soon as it grows just above the surface of the skin, we recommend waiting for about two weeks if you want a new or different shape to your brows. In the meantime, don’t tweeze your brows, even for a touch up.

13. Is it safe to get threaded after cosmetic surgery?

Check with your doctor to inquire how long you should wait to resume threading.


1. How long does my hair have to be before getting waxed?

At least 1/4” long or until it lays flat against your skin.

2. Should I trim my hair before my appointment?

No. If your hair needs to be trimmed, your aesthetician will do it during the session.

3. Do I have to take off my underwear?

We provide disposable panties to wear during your session to prevent wax from getting on your underwear. If you’re having your underarms waxed, you can request a cape to cover yourself so you can remove your bra.

4. Can I get a bikini wax while I have my period?

We don’t recommend any type of bikini waxing while you have your period for both sanitary and comfort reasons (the skin is more sensitive during menstruation).

5. Is it okay to have sex the same day I get a bikini wax?

The area may be sore, but if it’s comfortable for you then go for it! To reduce your chance of infection for a day or two after waxing, consider washing the area after sex.

6. Is it safe to get a bikini wax if I’m pregnant?

Consult your doctor first.

7. I have a big event coming up, when should I schedule my bikini wax?

To keep your schedule as stress-free as possible, and to let sensitivity subside, we recommend coming in at least 48 hours before the event.

8. I shave my bikini area, but I want to try waxing. How long should I wait before getting my first wax?

Wait at least two weeks for your hair to grow back before getting waxed. Once your hair is at least 1/4” long, or it lays flat against your skin, you’re ready for your first wax!

9. Will I get fresh wax for my session? What kind is it?

At THREAD we never double dip. Fresh honey wax that is gentle on sensitive skin is poured into individual, disposable cups at the beginning of each session and thrown out at the end.

10. What is zinc wax?

THREAD offers zinc oxide wax that is made for extra-sensitive or acne-prone skin. Zinc wax is also good for fair complexions and clients with fine to medium hair. You can request zinc wax during any service for a 10-percent upcharge.

11. How often should I get a bikini wax?

Depending on how long it takes for your hair to grow to at least 1/4” long, or until it lays flat against your skin. The average is three to five weeks.

12. My aesthetician used scissors when giving me a bikini wax. Is that sanitary?

Yes. All of our equipment–scissors, tweezers and brushes–are disinfected in Barbicide after every use.

13. How should I prepare for a bikini wax?

Don’t shave for at least two weeks; the hair needs to lay flat against your skin. Shower, but don’t use lotion on the area and wear loose clothing — tight jeans can be uncomfortable after a wax. Arrive a few minutes early so you can relax before the session begins. Budget your time-–a wax can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on which service you choose.

14. I’m allergic to latex. What kind of rubber gloves do you use?

We only use non-latex gloves at THREAD.

15. What can I do to soothe any irritation after waxing?

Don’t use products such as lotion (or worse, alcohol) on the area for at least 48 hours. After that you can use Tend Skin to prevent ingrown hairs and rosewater or organic aloe to reduce irritation.

Lashes by Thread

1. What is a lash lift?

A lash lift uses Keratin to curl your lashes, giving your lashes the look of using an eyelash curler, and it lasts for six to eight weeks. We suggest getting a lift and tint together.

2. What is a lash tint

A lash tint is similar to a brow tint. A dye is used to enhance the color of your eyelashes. We suggest getting a lift and tint together.

3. What kind of lash extensions does Thread offer?

Thread offers two types of lash extensions, classic or hybrid. Classic eyelash extensions are one length and curl pattern; hybrid adds a little volume by using various lash lengths and types of curl. Extensions cannot be used in combination with a lift or tint.

4. What is a lash wash?

A lash wash cleans the dust, debris, and dirt that can gather on the eyelashes. It is good for natural lashes, extensions, and those with a tint or lift. This service is complementary with a full set of lash extensions.

5. Does Thread do lash removal?

Yes, it is complementary for extensions applied at Thread. There is a $30 fee to remove lashes from another salon.

6. That is the difference between lash extensions and party lashes?

Like the LBD, Party Lashes are perfect for special events. Meant to be worn one to three days, these fun lashes don’t require a long-term commitment.

7. What are strip lashes?

Strip lashes are convenient and are reusable up to three times so you can use them whenever you choose. We can apply them at the salon, or you can do it home when you’re ready.

8. What if I’m allergic to a lash service?

Some individuals may have an allergic reaction to the lash glue or the lifting and tinting solutions, so if you are concerned about this possibility, please speak with your physician first. You can also read over our materials to review the ingredients. We cannot offer patch tests for lash work as it is not indicative of a full allergic reaction or skin irritation. You will need to complete our consent waiver before your treatment.

9. How long will my lash appointment be?

Lash tinting takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and a lash lift takes about an hour. A lift/tint combo will take an hour and 15 minutes, and you will need two hours for lash extensions.

10. What should I bring to my lash appointment ?

Since you will be lying down for the duration of the visit with your eyes completely closed, we suggest bringing some earbuds to listen to music, podcasts, or books.

11. Is gratuity included in the price?

Lash prices include all taxes but not a tip. Should you wish to tip our lash techs, please be advised that we cannot add gratuity on credit or debit cards. In addition to cash, you can use Venmo for a tip.

12. Book Your Virtual Consultation Today!

Meet with an esthetician online to discuss your options for lash enhancement. She will give you recommendations based on the look you’d like to achieve and then book an appointment for you.

Brow Tinting

1. What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a great way to make your brows appear lush and thick while also enhancing their shape. The tint darkens and defines your brows using either a semi-permanent dye or natural henna. There are two types of eyebrow tinting: Semi-permanent dye,which only colors the eyebrow hairs, and henna, which also tints the skin beneath your brow

2. How is brow tinting done?

Semi-permanent dye is applied to the brows for about five minutes before being removed.

3. What color does brow tint come in?

Middle blond, natural, middle brown, brown and black are all available

4. How long should a brow tint last?

Generally, a tint should last 4-5 weeks. We suggest that you avoid scrubbing, exfoliating, or using harsh products on the area to allow the tint to last a little bit longer. Talk to your Thread esthetician for maintenance tips and a touch-up schedule.

5. Do I need to get a patch test in order to get my brows tinted?

We recommend getting a patch before tinting your brows for the first time. We can do the test at the salon.

6. Can I get my brows tinted with self-tanner on my face?

If you use a self-tanning product on your face, be aware that semi-permanent dye, as well as henna, may react with the tanner and leave your eyebrows a greenish color (possibly the skin, too, if using henna). We advise that you wait to apply self-tanner until one or two days after eyebrow tinting. We also recommend removing make-up before your appointment.

7. I have very thin/sparse brows. Is eyebrow tinting for me?

Your eyebrows are made of a combination of both thick and soft hairs. Brow tinting brings out the finer hairs in your brow, but you may still see gaps. For very patchy brows,we recommend the henna, which tints your brows and the skin beneath them.

Henna eyebrow tinting

8. What is the difference between henna dye and semi-permanent dye?

Henna is a plant-based dye that darkens grey or light hairs and tints the skin where it is applied so areas with little or no hair growth are less noticeable.

9. Who should use henna brow tinting?

Henna tinting is great for those who have thin or patchy eyebrows.

10. How is the henna applied?

Your esthetician will help you choose the appropriate shade of henna, then she will create the shape you’d like for your brows and carefully brush on the henna. The tint is left on your brows for 10 to 20 minutes (a few minutes longer for stubborn grey hairs).

11. How long does henna brow tinting last?

Depending on your skin type and skincare routine, the color lasts for 5 days to 2 weeks on the skin and 2-6 weeks on the hairs. We suggest removing make-up before your appointment and avoid scrubbing, exfoliating, or using harsh products on the area after.

11. What color does henna brow tint come in?

We offer light, medium, or dark brown.


1. Should I get threaded before or after my facial?

Ideally, you should get these services on different days. If that isn’t possible, wait to be threaded until after the facial.


1. What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that uses a tiny blade to deposit pigment underneath the skin. Yup. It’s a form of tattooing. Nope. It doesn’t really hurt — for most people. Of course, some people are more sensitive than others. Others might find it a little annoying — though you might not feel all the marks, some could feel like scratches.

Every client is properly numbed for about 35 minutes beforehand.

The blade (which is really a bundle of teeny needles) reaches only into the superficial layers of your skin, which is what makes it semi-permanent (as opposed to traditional cosmetic tattoos).

2. What is microfeathering?

Microfeathering is a technique that we do for clients that don’t need or want their entire eyebrow done. If you have a gap or sparseness on a certain part of the eyebrow like the front or end of the brow, our tech matches it to your exact brow shade and uses tiny incision into the brow, using the already natural brow hairs as a starting base and filling in where it’s needed.

Like Microblading, Microfeathering is a semi permanent tattooing technique for eyebrows to create natural “hair like” strokes to fill in sparseness or lack of brows. The procedure is done by using a hand tool with ultra fine needles that form a blade. Each stroke is gently etched in the skin with the blade that manually implants color pigment beneath the surface of the skin to produce the appearance of hair strokes. This technique gives the brow an incredibly natural and realistic look.

3. Who should get microblading / microfeathering?

You are the perfect candidate for microblading / microfeathering if you:

  • Have very little eyebrow hair
  • Have thick but sparse eyebrow hair
  • Have fair eyebrows
  • Find yourself spending way too much time drawing in your brows in the morning
  • Are sick of your eyebrows rubbing off
  • Suffer from sensitive skin, allergies, or a skin disorder that prevents you from wearing makeup
  • Have undergone chemotherapy

4. How does microblading / microfeathering work?

Microblading and sometimes-even Microfeathering is a two-time process usually done 6-8 weeks apart.  Here’s how it goes:
Part 1 (takes about 2-2.5 hours):

  • You work with your technician to decide on the shape of your dreams.
  • She outlines your brows.
  • A topical anesthetic is applied, if necessary.
  • Short strokes of varying lengths are made to mimic actual hairs
  • Ink that matches your hair color is applied.
  • Excess ink is wiped away and…tada!
  • Aftercare is presented and you should follow it precisely as directed.

Part 2 (takes about 1.5 hours):

  1. You come back for a touch-up, which is usually 6-8 weeks but no later than 10 weeks after the above.
  2. You decide if you want to want to do darker or add more to the original work completed.
  3. Resume the aftercare explained in your first appointment.

*** Please note occasionally a third touch-up is required for certain clients when the pigment doesn’t take to skin (like a previous tattoo, oily skin, sunbathers).

5. How long does microblading last?

The pigment in Microblading / Microfeathering is semi permanent and will last 1-3 years depending on your skin type. In order to keep your brows looking fresh a touch up is recommended every year. However certain factors can cause the brow to fade faster:

  • Oily skin (the production of oil makes the tattoo fade faster)
  • Smoking
  • Iron deficiency /Anemia
  • Sunbathing
  • Topicals on area such as Retin-A, glycolic, Retinol

6. What happens after I leave my appointment?

The brow will have some redness and minimal swelling right after treatment. This subsides in a few hours. Every client is given an after care guide and post ointment to put on brow for 24hrs. The eyebrow then appears darker within the first few days. Some flaking or minimal scabs form (never pick the scabs and allow them to heal on their own). When scabs fade so does some of the pigment. When it is completely healed 5-6 weeks later is when you see the visible pigment. This is why the touch up is done after to add more dimension, go darker if desired to get that perfect brow!

7. What is the aftercare like and what should I avoid doing?

  • A&D ointment is applied immediately after treatment.
  • A packet of the ointment is given to the client to take with them and is to be applied every hour for 24hrs following treatment.
  • Vitamin E oil is recommended for the area several times a day for the first 10 days.
  • NO water on brow for 14 days. You can shower and wash face but makes sure to avoid brow area and clean around it.
  • NO swimming, tanning, saunas and Jacuzzis for 14 days.
  • NO make up on brow area for a minimum of 10 days, microblading is an open wound and make up will interfere with healing and may cause an infection.
  • NO picking or peeling scabs.
  • NO threading, tinting, bleaching, wax, dyeing on brow for a month after treatment.
  • NO acne medication, skin lighteners, anti aging products, chemical peel and face scrubs on brow area while healing.

8. What will the long-term care be like?

The eyebrows will lighten overtime and this is why a yearly touch up is recommended. Fading depends on the life style of the person. Sun exposure and smoking can lead to the eyebrow fading faster.

Sunscreen is recommended on area all year round to prevent brows from fading.

Chemical peels and laser treatments can be done but it is recommended to tell your doctor/esthetician/nurse to avoid eyebrow area and state you have had a cosmetic tattoo. Laser can cause pigment to turn black.

9. What should I not do before my appointment?

  • Alcohol should be avoided for 24 hrs before appointment.
  • Limit caffeine intake before appointment.
  • If you wax, thread or tint your brows, please do it at least 3 days before appointment.
  • Avoid blood thinning medications 48hrs before appointment such as aspirin, niacin, ibuprofen, fish oil, and vitamin E.
  • Avoid tanning beds and sun exposure, sun burned clients will be rescheduled.
  • Botox should be avoided 2 weeks prior and it is recommended to have Botox done after touch up treatment.
  • If you’ve been on prescription Accutane, you must wait one year to have microblading/ microfeathering done.
  • If you are on Doxycycline, it is recommended to wait 6 months.

10. Does Microblading / Microfeathering work well with everyone?

Most people get these treatments, however the following are a few situations that may make you not the best candidate for microblading/ microfeathering:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Pregnancy
  • Nursing
  • Accutane (must be off the prescription for a year)
  • Skin Conditions near eyebrows like ezcema, shingles, rashes, etc.
  • Dark pre existing tattoo on eyebrows.
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy
  • Transmittable blood diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis etc.
  • Diabetics (requires a doctor’s note)
  • Pacemaker or major heart problems
  • Epilepsy

11. What are the risks of microblading/ microfeathering?

We use one-time use, disposable sterile needles and supplies. The pigment is FDA-approved, hypoallergenic, and contains no vegetable dyes or chemicals. Infection is unlikely but there is always a risk when you break skin.

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Don’t forget to pick up a Thread customer loyalty card and bring it with you every time you come to one of our salons. It’s good for any service. On your 7th visit you get your eyebrows threaded or waxed for free

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